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New ARviewer release

A new version of ARviewer has been released: The users will experience a new improved experience viewing the available virtual nodes.

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ARviewer: a FLOSS mobile augmented reality browser and editor

It's a pleasure to communicate that ARviewer is available in the Android Market. ARviewer is a FLOSS mobile augmented reality browser and editor that you can easily integrate in your own Android applications.

ARviewer SDK

ARviewer is a FLOSS mobile augmented reality browser and editor that you can easily integrate in your own Android applications.

Augmented Reality in Samsung Galaxy S

Source: movilforum blog

The next article was published in movilforum blog explaining the work between libregeosocial and movilforum. Sorry, it's in Spanish.


A finales de verano del 2010 nuestro grupo de investigación, GSyC/LibreSoft de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, y movilforum llegamos a un acuerdo de colaboración con el fin de poder realizar el deseado traspaso de tecnología y conocimientos de universidad a empresa y viceversa.

FICOD 2010

GSyC/LibreSoft was pariticipating at FICOD2010 during the session: "Not structured learning through social networks and mobile devices", a panel discussion in which it was discussed the possibilities in the field of education through the use of social networking (web 2.0, networking diverse social themes, collaborative courses) and mobile devices (accessible from anywhere).

Improvements in Augmented Reality Interface

Many improvements have been integrated in the augmented reality interface of the new version of the LibreGeoSocial Android client (1.2). The new visual interface design and the clicked object searching system can be seen in the following video.

LibreGeoSocial 1.2

It's a pleasure to communicate you that there is a new version of LibreGeoSocial. You can download LibreGeoSocial 1.2 from Market. In the last year, this targets have been obtained:

Address2Mobile: Final project of "Master on Free Software"

Address2Mobile project facilitates to user transfer information from screen (other devices also is possible) to mobile. In concrete it helps to user to create new nodes into LibreGeoSocial (LGS) application. Until now if you would like to create a new node in LGS, it should be done manually, introducing the text of the note by hand (using the mobile keyboard).

The LibreGeoSocial Partner Network

The LibreGeoSocial Partner Network emerge with the intention to group companies, collaborators, developers, etc ... around of LibreGeoSocial. The most important thing in the FLOSS projects are the developers and the collaboration, so this network is the efficient tool to create a good community with the same interests: android, augmented reality, 3D, geolocated information, tourism, advertisement and free software.



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